ČNK UNEP, Zelený kruh , Lublaňská 18, Praha 1

The Czech UNEP National Committee:

Steering Committee members:

  • Pavel Činčera, BEZK
  • Zuzana Drhová, Green Circle
  • Viktor Třebický, Charles University Environmental Center
  • Václav Izák, ČSOP
  • Tomáš Růžička, Partnership Foundation

The UNEP National Committee for the Czech Republic is an informal association of NGOs founded in 1999. The UNEP National Committee for the Czech Republic is a part of a worldwide network of national committees within the UNEP and is supported by the UNEP European Office headquartered in Geneva. Like other UNEP national committees, the Czech Committee works towards involving more active members from other sectors of society.

The philosophy behind the Committee’s work is that without information and awareness regarding the state of the environment and activities affecting its quality, both individuals and companies cannot act consciously. Therefore the National Committee primarily advocates for and promotes citizens’ rights for environmental information and their participation in the decision-making processes affecting the environment.

The aims of the National Committee include: 

  • informing about UNEP programmes and activities
  • informing the UNEP about current issues regarding the environment in the Czech Republic
  • contributing to a discussion and practical steps in the environmental field both in the Czech Republic and abroad

These aims will be pursued through regular updating of the Committee website with information about the UNEP, up-to-date information about the UNEP’s activities in newsletters and other periodicals published by the Committee members, seminars and conferences concerned with the environment in the Czech Republic and abroad, and possibly through other educational events increasing citizens’ awareness of issues of environmental protection and conservation. The National Committee will also regularly inform the UNEP European Office about influences on the quality of the environment in the Czech Republic.

The National Committee intends to collaborate primarily with the Ministry of the Environment and other state institutions, enterprises, NGOs, and universities in order to disseminate valuable and credible information about the environment in the Czech Republic and abroad.